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Alcatel 4019 Phone, Telephone, Handset (Refurbished) Alcatel-Lucent 9 SERIES

Alcatel 4019 Phone, Telephone, Handset (Refurbished)  Alcatel-Lucent 9 SERIES
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Alcatel 4019 Phone, Telephone, and Handset (Alcatel-Lucent 9 Series)(Refurbished)

The Alcatel-Lucent 4019 is a digital set and a compact model provides all the necessary features for advanced telephony without the frills.

These include a one-line, 20-character display; a bidirectional navigator for user-friendly scrolling; direct access to the company directory and mailbox; an external loudspeaker and 6 programmable keys.


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Digital Phone
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Alcatel-Lucent 9 Series

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6 Alcatel 4019 Telephone Features for Its Users

The Alcatel 4019 telephone answers all the standard requests of most small business users:

  1. Easy access to voicemail messages
  2. Easy access of up to 3000 speed dial numbers
  3. Loudspeaker for paging (not hands free speaker)
  4. Caller displayed on screen
  5. 6 programmable buttons that light up when staff are on calls
  6. Easy redial, on hold and transfer functions

The Alcatel-Lucent 9 SERIES takes you to a new dimension in audio experience, aesthetics, communications productivity and customer care.This advanced range brings the award-winning power of the Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX communication servers - with their spectrum of advanced features - within even easier reach.


Alcatel-Lucent 9 SERIES offers the best sound quality around. Its terminals have a hands-free speakerphone, including acoustic echo cancellation, and take listening comfort to new levels.


Their sleek, ultra-modern design, available in ice blue or urban grey, is itself hard to resist. But these phones don’t just look the part - they are also conceived to ensure the simplest, most intuitive, access to a wealth of features.


Alcatel-Lucent 9 SERIES soft key functions couldn’t be simpler to use, as they automatically change according to the call context, and are clearly displayed on the screen. Intuitive icons make using the system’s sophisticated features as easy as 123, while the phones high-resolution, adjustable graphical screens enhance comfort-of-use.

About Alcatel-Lucent

Specialising in broadband, cloud, mobile, IP, and networks, Alcatel-Lucent is part of the telecommunications industry that leads it towards success and innovations. It was founded in 2006 and established its headquarters in France. A company with over 10,000 employees, many developments and upgrades have been made possible through the help of these experts. And the company’s inventions target the betterment of networks for the future.

Alcatel-Lucent is a frontrunner in IP networking and ultra-broadband access. The products and solutions provided by the company is expected to help customers and enterprises to improve their trust-worthiness and operations’ efficiency through improving their connections and engagement inside the team and management.

Alcatel-Lucent conducts a lot of its innovations and developments with the help of their Bell Labs researchers. Focusing on the open collaboration of customers to improve their operation and sales, the company provides nothing but the best in shaping the telecommunications industry today by pushing its limits.

About TelephonesOnline

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Telephonesonline operates a lot of its transactions through their website, with the portfolio of the company displayed freely for easy customer access. Customers, wherever they may be in the country, can skim through the company’s product portfolio and have them delivered to their respective locations. Since the company has several offices and warehouses located all over the country, the company’s delivery is ensured to be prompt and efficient. 

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