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Alcatel 4012 Phone, Telephone, Handset (Refurbished)

Alcatel 4012 Phone, Telephone, Handset (Refurbished)
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Alcatel 4012 Phone, Telephone, and Handset (Refurbished)

The Alcatel 4012 Reflex Phone is a midrange display telephone, with hands-free operation and headset option. Suitable for busy call centre environments, the programmable lines have LEDs to indicate lines that are busy. Alcatel Reflex telephones are designed for use with compatible digital exchanges and are not suitable for home use. The refurbished Alcatel 4012 Reflex handsets have been cleaned, serviced and tested and come with a 12 month warranty.


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Reflex Phone
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Alcatel 4012 Handset Key Features to Take Advantage Of
  • Multiple lines with BLF status screens
  • LCD display
  • Full hands-free
  • Headset capability
  • 8 programmable keys

About Alcatel-Lucent

Alcatel-Lucent was created in the year 2006 when two separate units, Alcatel and Lucent, joined forces to create the now powerful and leading communication company in the industry. While it is now one single company, these two units have the same parent company, the CGE, since AT&T dominated CGE, the main parent company of Alcatel, and AT&T also dominated Lucent, providing both entities with the same ancestry. And now, the powerhouse Alcatel-Lucent is part of the driving force of the industry, Nokia.

Headquartered in France, Alcatel-Lucent Technologies is a specialist in lots of communication sectors in the industry like broadband, cloud, mobile, IP, internet, and networks. Comprised of 10,000 employees, the company became at the top of the industry because it is made up of industry’s experts. The company offers the market with IP routing, transport and platforms, improving customers’ connectivity and operations. In fact, the company is responsible for over 500,000 service router platforms offered to 650 service provider customers in 130 countries all around the world.

About TelephonesOnline

Australia’s biggest store operating in the World Wide Web, Telephonesonline Pty Ltd is a business phone solutions and devices provider that has existed for more than 2 decades. Offering the industry and the market with a lot of varieties in terms of communication solutions, systems, and devices, the company can help a lot enterprises in improving their team engagement and thus in the process, also improve their productivity and sales.

Telephonesonline have years of experience that it takes pride of. This means that it is very familiar and knowledgeable with the trends and demands in the market, as well as what the customers need depending on their situations. Whatever the customer type though, the following are some of the offers that are comprising the company’s portfolio:


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