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Phone Systems for Medium Business

Medium Business Phone Systems

Exploit the power of convergence to optimise growth and business development!

Telephones Online Pty Ltd delivers intelligent business communication solutions that level the playing field for today’s medium sized businesses with an affordable, easy to use converged communication system.


We recognise your requirements, and offer solutions to satisfy more than you can imagine;

  • Personalised solutions
  • Impressive workplace flexibility
  • Extensive Feature List
  • Easy to Use Applications
  • Intelligent
  • Seamless access amongst multiple sites
  • Enhanced messaging options
  • Superior receptionist functionalities
  • High volume call management
  • Cost saving options
  • Product and service guarantee
  • Flexible growth options
  • Stable, reliable technology platforms
  • Remote management

All your growing medium business needs are just a phone call away. Call Today 1300 088 088