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Ericsson BusinessPhone BP-250 Operators Programming Manual

Ericsson BusinessPhone BP-250 Operators Programming Manual
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Ericsson BP-250 Telephone Operat
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Overview - The Ericsson BusinessPhone concept is designed to offer all the advanced digital communications facilities you’re likely to need, at a price you can afford. Unlike other phone systems in its class, BusinessPhone has been specifically created to meet the needs of small to medium sized organizations, with anything from just a few up to 200 extensions.

The BusinessPhone 250 digital telephone system is the core element of the BusinessPhone office communications solution. It caters for organisations requiring between 20 and 200 extensions at a single location. All system hardware and software in the BusinessPhone solution is modular. This makes it adaptable to a wide range of capacity and functional requirements, and provides the capability for further system expansion and feature enhancement at any time.

System Features - BusinessPhone offers an unrivalled range of state-of-the-art features for a phone system of its size. Features like PBX networking, ISDN connectivity to the desktop, integrated cordless extensions and voice messaging, computer-telephony integration (CTI) and complete call center capability.

Flexibility is a fundamental part of the BusinessPhone concept, you can use the BusinessPhone building blocks to design the phone system you want.

There are four digital extension telephones for the BusinessPhone 250:

Basic - entry-level digital phone including eight function keys with LED indicators, a built-in loudspeaker, volume control, abbreviated number dialing and messaging functions.

Economyplus - includes 15 function keys (12 with LED indicators), four dual-purpose keys for user programming and abbreviated dialing, and a built-in hands-free function. Two line keys, with free-on-second access, help ensure that important calls are not missed

Standard - includes all the functions of the Economyplus phone with the addition of 40-character LCD screen for call status monitoring, caller identification and messaging information

Executive - offers 25 functions keys (22 with LED indicators, of which 14 are user-programmable for extension functions such as diversion or bypassing of diversion. The 120-character adjustable LCD screen displays caller ID, call status and messaging information and together with the menu key or "soft keys" guides the user through the system functions. The phone may also be used to program some of the system configurations, such as PBX or key system configurations and comes with built-in hands-fre function. Up to two additional key panels, each with 17 programmable keys, can be attacked to the phone to provide a total of up to 48 dual-purpose keys.

Analogue phones, fax machines and modes may also be connected to the BusinessPhone System.

System Functions   - The following functions are provided by the core BusinessPhone system:
Alarm function, answer position for trunks, background music, bypass call diversion and follow me, call charge control, class of service, common bell, diagnostic functions, differentiated ring and tone signals, direct in dialing, flexible numbering, ISDN basic functions, ISDN supplementary service, least cost routing, music on hold, nigh service, operator functions, power failure circuit, programming of system parameters via service terminal, recall, recorded voice announcements, remote service and maintenance, re-routing, rout selection, tandem configuration, tone, traffic group matrix and trunk call discrimination.

Optional System Enhancements - BusinessPhone 250 systems can be enhanced to provide a variety of advanced call handling and specialist communication solutions. The additional hardware and software modules are fully integrated into the BusinessPhone central unit. These enhanced capabilities include:
Call center, computer-telephony integration, certified applications, cordless communications, networking, voice messaging, hospitality, call accounting, pc operator/operator workstation, configuration manager and door phone.
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