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UPS EnGenius Surge protection UPS SC1000U

UPS EnGenius Surge protection UPS SC1000U
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EnGenius UPS Serge protection is the easy way to ensure electronic equipment continues to operate during a power failure.

Reliable UPS - Provides sufficient backup time to save files and shut down your system properly

Automatic Voltage Regulator - Protects your system from brownouts and prolongs battery life for the UPS

Surge Suppressor - Guards systems against power surges, spikes and noise across power lines

Phone Line Protector - UPS is recommended for phone systems, personal computers, faxes, cordless devices, security systems and other electronic equipment where constant power supply is critical.

Excellent Value - Stable performance to maximise equipment operation under all power conditions, in a cost-effective package

Microprocessor Control - automatically adjusts the system to clean unput and stabilize output voltages, ensuring constant protection against power surge and sag.

Torodial Transformer - A high-efficiency torodial transformer provides low power consumption and high power output.
This is a must have to protect you long range phone system
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