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IQ 333 Telephone including Handsfree REFURBISHED

IQ 333 Telephone including Handsfree REFURBISHED
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IQ333 Government Phone
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AUD$ 95.00
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IQ 333 Telephone including Handsfree REFURBISHED

The Interquartz IQ333 telephone is an excellent product from the Australian company, Interquartz. This specific communication device can easily connect to PABX and phone systems, and can be perfect for many businesses and industries. The corporate and industrial sectors can benefit in a lot of ways, especially since communication is also an integral part of their operations

IQ50 is a phone that comes with 10 memory keys, message waiting light, headset plug, and built-in adaptor port. It can also be very beneficial to the government sectors, hotel and hospitality industry, and small enterprises.

This package comes with the following:

  • New Line Cord
  • New Curly Cord
  • New Papers

More Information: Discount is given on bulk orders of 50 and more.


About EnGenius Technologies, Inc.

This package includes:

  • Tone Dialling
  • Hands-free Speakerphone
  • Push Button Earpiece Volume Control
  • 10 Battery-free and Permanent Storage Memory Keys
  • Message Waiting Lamp
  • 3 Position Ringer Volume Switch
  • Redial, Pause, and Recall Keys
  • Mute Key
  • Built-in Amplifier
  • Headset Microphone Adjustment
  • Headset Cable Polarity Switch
  • Silent Ringing Mode
  • Trainee/Supervisor Double Jacking Mode
  • Mid-call Support Mode


A quick quote inquiry can be made through Australia wide 1300 088 088.

About Interquartz

The Interquartz Pty Ltd was able to produce at least a million of telephony products under the banners IQ, IQTEL, and Interquartz. The products are offered t6o several markets and countries. And while the company had started in Australia, the market reach has expanded globally to other places, including the following:

  • Asian and Pacific Markets
  • European and Middle Eastern Markets
  • New Zealand


All of the core products of the company are manufactured in China and Hong Kong. They are then efficiently distributed to company’s branches all over the markets. The company has currently provided to more than 5,000 customers and are expected to provide and produce more. These products and customers have been produced in the years that the company has existed, which is 3 decades now. And with excellent research and development department, Interquartz has made sure to provide only high quality products and continue to improve and develop these products to be excellent for businesses and customers.

About TelephonesOnline

Telephonesonline Pty Ltd is Australia’s largest supplier of pre-owned, refurbished, and second-hand phone systems and handsets. Being the largest company means that it is able to offer a lot of products to its customers and the markets the company caters to. And since communication is an important factor in any operations of any business, the products of the company serve as important tools in order for the company to have smooth transactions and continue their operations seamlessly.

Telehonesonline offers products that could be used by businesses of all sizes and types. Small businesses can benefit from the company since Telephonesonline offers pre-owned and refurbished products that they can easily afford with their limited budgets. In addition to that, large corporations can also take advantage of the products from the company since it also have new and advanced products and solutions to offer.

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