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Understanding More What Cloud Really Is

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Posted: 07/12/2015 10:13 PM
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Are your data stored mostly in the cloud? Find out what cloud is all about!

Technology has immensely improved to the current powerhouse that people enjoy today. Check our store for devices and solutions that are part of technology’s evolution.

One of the best proofs of its advancement is the existence of the cloud. From the usual tangible data on papers, information can now be stored in the “cloud”, an intangible destination somewhere in the Internet that users can access anytime and anywhere. The truth though is that it isn't intangible at all.

The cloud indeed can be accessed whenever and wherever. The data stored in it though is not just stored wherever. It is securely located and managed in a physical hardware in a specific data centre, safe in a fortified and controlled ecosystem. A service provider makes sure it is maintained excellently. Not only does it helps businesses in storing data but also in help them save money from expensive IT and hardware expenses.

So if you are hesitating on using the cloud. These are the edges it provides. 

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