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Outbound Features: Use the Right Call Centre Tools!

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Posted: 15/12/2015 10:55 PM
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Choosing the outbound features of phones is important to all call centres since it can push them towards success if right decision is made. There are lots to choose from so choose well.

Convenient call features offer more than just comfort and simplicity for users’ operations. Visit our store to skim through phones and communication tools that can help your access these call features.

With simple call features, users get to save time and money since whether it be inbound or outbound, they can be accessed easily and users won’t need to allot time just to learn about how they work. And when it comes to outbound call features, there are several excellent ones call centres can make the most of. Some of which are the following:

  1. Broadcast and transfer
  2. Call Back and Agent Routing
  3. CTI – TAPI Screen Pop
  4. CRM integrations
  5. DNCR and Time Controls
  6. High Speed Dialing at a Click
  7. Instant Messaging (IM) Chat
  8. KISS Configurations
  9. Leaving a Message without Talking
  10. LIVE Reporting and Wallboards
  11. Manage Campaigns
  12. Record, Monitor, Coach and Barge
  13. Reliable Performance
  14. Simple Desktop Applications

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