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Avaya Applauds Advancement of the Bill for Kari’s Law

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Posted: 16/02/2016 07:12 AM
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Kari’s Law finally reached the Senate with the help of Congressman Gohmert and Senators Fischer and Klobuchar. And Avaya commends their efforts in advancing the bill. 

Avaya acclaims the effort and dedication of Senators Klobuchar and Fischer, and Congressman Gohmert in advancing the bill for Kari’s Law. This law is expected to allow direct access to emergency services.

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First introduced in December 3, 2015 to the U.S. House of Representatives by Congressman Louie Gohmert, Kari’s Law is a bipartisan bill that would not require callers to dial a postfix or prefix just to reach 9-1-1. It was based on the 2013 murder case of Kari Rene Hunt that ended horribly after Kari’s daughter (9 years old) was not able to reach the emergency services due to the MLTS (Multi-line Telephone System) of the hotel that they were staying in and where Kari was murdered by her estranged husband. More about this story in this page.

And last February 11, 2016, it finally went through the Senate with the help of Senators Deb Fischer and Amy Klobuchar. 

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