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Aristel AN1206-02E 3G Door Opener (AN1206A-02E)

Aristel AN1206-02E 3G Door Opener (AN1206A-02E)
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Aristel AN1206-02E 3G Door Opener

The Aristel AN1206-02E 3G Door Opener is an easy-to-use device that allows simple programming through SMS. It is ideal for the remote control of automatic doors, gates, and barriers. With a required 1x SIM, 2 relays, and 3 inputs for sensors, this 3G door opener is integrated with a central heating/cooling system that helps in protecting the device.

Aristel AN1206-02E 3G Door Opener stores up to 100 numbers that can be authorised access to the door/gate with the use of a Caller ID, which wouldn’t cost the user anything. It can also support 1152 guest numbers that can be authorised access to the specific door or gate it is installed in with a simple free call. If the guest does not have an authorised number, he/she can use a 4-digit code to open the door or gate. In addition to that, it also automatically sends SMS to users in case of faulty condition on inputs like short circuit.

More Product Information

  • Brand: Aristel
  • Product Type: 3G Door Opener
  • Colour: Metallic Grey
  • Condition: Brand New
  • Compatibility: Telstra/Voda NextG/3G
  • Requirement: 1x SIM (Any Carrier)

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Aristel AN1206-02E 3G Door Opener Great Features

  • Simple-to-use Programming through SMS
  • Excellent Central Heating/Cooling System
  • 1x SIM Requirement from Any Carrier
  • Supports 1152 Guest Number to Authorise Access through Free Call
  • Stores 100 Numbers for Authorised Access (With no cots and through Caller ID)
  • Sends SMS Alert for Faulty Condition on Inputs (E.g. Short Circuit)
  • 4-digit Code Password Unauthorised Numbers
  • 3 Inputs and 2 Relays for Sensors

About Aristel

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Call our company hotline Australia wide 1300 088 088 and find out how you can own one of this incredible product!
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