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Allied Telesis AT-FS708/POE Power over Ethernet PoE Fast Ethernet switch 10/100TX x 8 ports Unmanaged with 1 SFP

Allied Telesis AT-FS708/POE  Power over Ethernet PoE Fast Ethernet switch 10/100TX x 8 ports Unmanaged with 1 SFP
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Allied Telesis AT-FS708/POE  Power over Ethernet PoE Fast Ethernet switch 10/100TX x 8 ports, Unmanaged with 1 SFP



Unmanaged 8 Port Power Over Ethernet Switch


8 port 10/100TX unmanaged PoE switch with 1 SFP


The AT-FS708/POE eco friendly switch conforms with Allied Telesis‘ commitment to environmentally friendly processes and products. It is designed to minimize power consumption through the use of a high efficiency power supply and a low power chipset.

With a low 6.3W (regular) and 77.5W (with PoE) maximum power consumption, and a reduction in power during after-work hours (overnight mode) – as well as other power saving features included as standard, the Allied Telesis AT-FS708/POE truly lives up to it’s name as an ‘eco friendly’ switch.

Not only does this help the planet by reducing the carbon footprint of each switch, it also lowers the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) to the user, as the product costs less to run, and has improved reliability.

High Performance

Providing powerful 10/100 switching solutions for desktop, conference room and security applications, the Allied Telesis AT-FS708/POE unmanaged switch features automatic detection and classification of an attached PoE device. With all eight ports PoE capable (four at full 15.4W), this is the perfect solution for a wireless security or conference room application. The 10/100 ports on the switch feature full auto-negotiation. These ports enable the switches to detect the speed and duplex modes of attached devices, enabling them to automatically configure for the best possible performance. One SFP port is also available for connecting this device to other switches in your network, such as the 8500 series of switches.

Simplified Installation

The AT-FS708/POE provides wall-mount, rack-mount and desktop options giving users their choice of deployment locations. Fully autoconfiguring AT-FS708/POE switch requires minimal set-up by the user. Auto-sensing ports enable seamless and simple connectivity between existing 10Mbps Ethernet and 100Mbps Fast Ethernet UTP devices—and all units can be installed in minutes. Every AT-FS708/POE switch is equipped with auto MDI/MDI-X across all ports for simple connection to other hubs and switches as well as automatic detection and classification of the PoE ports. Finally, easy to read top panelLEDs show ongoing switch status and simplify troubleshooting.

Quality and Reliability

Allied Telesis is a worldwide leader in unmanaged Ethernet switches. Shipping more than 250,000 each year, Allied Telesis offers proven reliability and industry recognized quality.

Key Features:

  • 8 10/100TX ports
  • 1 SFP uplink port
  • Auto detect and classification of PoE
  • PoE capable on all 8 10/100TX ports (4 @ 15.4W max)
  • IEEE 802.3af standard
  • Non-blocking architecture
  • Auto-negotiation ports
  • Auto MDI/MDI-X on all ports
  • Plug and Play installation
  • Rack-mount, wall-mount and desktop hardware included

Power Saving Features:

  • Maximum switch power consumption, regular - 6.3W
  • Maximum switch power consumption, with PoE - 77.5W
  • Overnight mode - when PCs are powered off, the switch reduces power
  • Power down mode
  • Measure and minimize - checks the lengths of the cable and sends only enough power for specific cable length

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