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3-year Gold RevoCare for Revolabs HD Dual Channel

3-year Gold RevoCare for Revolabs HD Dual Channel
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3-year Gold RevoCare for Revolabs HD Dual Channel

This 3-year Gold RevoCare for Revolabs HD Dual Channel is a technical service that has been structured to cater 3 years of expert assistance and technical needs. Covering to up to two (2) HD microphones, the service plan is inclusive of the following:

  • 24-hour Advanced Replacement: Will be shipped within 24 Hours upon Request through Standard Shipping Methods
  • Complimentary Battery Replacement: Free Battery Replacement for those with Less than 7 Hours of Talk Time
  • Complimentary Service Support: Offers Service and Technical Support with A Support Staff over the Phone

More Product Information

  • Brand: Revolabs
  • Product Type: Technical Service
  • Compatibility: Revolabs HD Dual Channel System
  • Coverage: 3 Years
  • Inclusion: Up to 2 HD Microphones

Check out how to avail of this incredible service. Take out your phone and dial Australia wide 1300 088 088!

7 Basic Revolabs HD Dual Channel System Features

  1. Bi-directional Audio for Headset Listening
  2. Wide Compatibility with Variety of HD Wireless Microphones
  3. Rechargeable Design
  4. Impervious to GSM Noise from Wireless Electronic Devices
  5. 128-bit Encryption: Avoids Eavesdropping on Microphone Signal
  6. Complete Control of the Following:
    • Audio Output
    • Line Level
    • Microphone Level
  7. Compact & Wireless Design

About Revolabs

Revolabs, Inc. is a top-notch developer and manufacture of innovative and intuitive audio solutions and systems for professional and enterprise audio applications. Established in the year 2005 and headquartered in Sudbury, Massachusetts, the company has taken pride in innovating extensive powerful products and solutions that can push companies and organisations toward success. Some of these offers include the following:

HD 4 & 8 Channel Wireless ● Directional & Omni Tabletop Wireless ● Single/Dual Channel Wireless ● Rack-mount Wireless ● Wearable Wireless ● Single Channel Wireless Microphone Systems ● HD Adapters for Handheld & Countryman Microphones ● VoIP Networks Wireless Conference Phones

Revolabs is a premier enterprise with what it does, providing the global market with unmatched audio quality, enabling users to be able to hear each word that passes through the device and solutions. The company combines stylish and sleek for factors with ultimate flexibility, empowering users to have natural mobility even when connected to the system.

About TelephonesOnline

One of the largest online stores in the Australian market, Telephonesonline Pty Ltd is a popular enterprise that caters to the telecommunications foundations and requirements of every type of customers I the market, including individuals, SoHos, SMEs, large companies, government sectors, and private organisations. This is made possible through the company’s powerful product portfolio, offering the following telecom brands in brand new condition:

Avaya ● Commander ● Gigaset ● Nortel Networks ● Polycom ● Cisco ● Fujitsu ● NEC ● Panasonic ● Siemens ● Alcatel-Lucent ● Ericsson ● GN Netcom ● Omni ● Samsung ● Aristel ● Exicom ● LG Aria ● Plantronics

Telephonesonline has become an excellent enterprise throughout decades of experience catering to the market. With over two decades of operations, the company has built its product portfolio to include brand new, pre-owned, second-hand, and refurbished products and solutions, which allow them to cover a wide range of market and sectors in the country.

Check out how to avail of this incredible service. Take out your phone and dial Australia wide 1300 088 088!
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